Sewing Bee #4-Not so bad

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  1. Ann Rowley says that they film on Thursday and Friday. That leaves less than a week to source a pattern and fabric, plus do a trial run. (Never mind trying to fit in the necessities of one’s life.) Then they’re faced with an actual body and the time constraints. I really don’t think I would fare much better than they do. I do think, however, that I would make a concerted effort to find and eliminate as many potential problem areas as I could. Still, I would *never* want to be on the Sewing Bee.

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    1. me neither lol, I just enjoy shouting at it! Mind you, I also couldn’t go on it, even if I wanted to, because of work. Saved by the bell [literally!]
      The fabric must be found for them though, I mean, how could you be certain of finding wax print cotton in a week?


  2. You could take a walk up Goldhawk Road (in London) the place is bursting with the stuff. 🙂
    I really loved those dresses and while I would love to take part inTGBSB it would only be if it wasn’t being filmed and that they allowed a copious amount of swearing and the odd glass of wine. I really don’t know how they can take the stress of having to make things so quickly. Still think that they should either bring back Project Catwalk or change the format. It was so much more creative. Xx

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