Tips and Wrinkles

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  1. Hi Elaine, I love seeing your makes!..stunning!
    You inspire me to try more than the curtains & alterations that I’m usually asked to do…
    I have so many ‘to do’s’ (that’s Pinterest’s fault!!)
    We made some strange things at school, do you remember the blue apron with gingham binding? I think it was meant for cookery…hmmm..

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    1. Hiya! The cookery apron HAD to have an embroidered name, with chain stitches of a very specific length, or you had to keep ripping it out to start from scratch. It was clearly designed to keep us busy for a term. My mum carried on wearing that apron until it fell to bits many years later! I seem to remember you making your blouse/shirt almost impossible because you chose a silky fabric? I think she made your life a misery with that one…
      Ugh! Curtains and alterations, I won’t do either, even for myself!


  2. I agree with your advice here. I made so many garments that ended up in the bin. In fact when I was learning to sew if the construction went wrong I would stop and throw it as putting it right never worked. I got into the habit of buying cheap fabric, or old tablecloths etc from the charity shop, so that it didn’t matter. For me making my own blocks was a breakthrough as I had a simple trouser pattern, a shell top and a plain dress with full skirt pattern that fitted and then I used nicer and nicer fabric. Once I was making most of my clothes I moved on to more complex commercial and sometimes self drafted patterns.

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  3. This post definitely struck a cord with me. My school-made dress was never worn & it took me years of wearing very badly / oddly made clothes to get the hang of it. Never gave up though – and I don’t think I was shunned by people for my terrible clothes. Or maybe I was and I’ve been busy thinking about sewing to notice?

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