Sewing with Mother: Sew Curvy Sophia Underbust Corset — Mother of Reinvention

Hi lovely people. Sometime earlier in the year I asked if anyone would be interested in a corset sew-along. Although this is labelled very loosely as a such, there is no start or finish date. If you fancy giving it a go I will be posting my construction stages in real-time and will be answering… via … Continue reading Sewing with Mother: Sew Curvy Sophia Underbust Corset — Mother of Reinvention


CoBloWriMo Day 12: “Give us a progress report on your current projects” [FYI, Day 11 was just a suggestion to read and comment on other contributors’ blogs…which I do anyway] Right, rolling up sleeves and rubbing hands together. A] What’s on my sewing table, already cut out: denim riding breeches for me [yes, still there, … Continue reading Wassup?

Steampunk Napoleon

No, not that, this: The ‘Six Napoleon Challenge’ This amazing dress has been offered up as a challenge/inspiration by  Marianna of Sew2Pro. The idea is we make up something inspired by this image by July 14th, Bastille Day.  [Although I have asked for an extension as I’m still in marking season then.] My lovely missus … Continue reading Steampunk Napoleon

Accessory after the fact…

CoBloWriMo Day 9:”Write about your favourite accessory or prop.” I’m out of sequence here, but I don’t care- lol Two favourites, the parasol that I found on eBay, and restored, using silk remnants from my lovely wife’s wedding dress and the original metallic lace, and my pith helmet from Amazon. I did several posts about … Continue reading Accessory after the fact…

Tips and Wrinkles

CoBloWriMo #8 “Write about your favourite tip or trick that you think everyone should know about” I’ve ummed and ah’d over this one.  It feels really arrogant to proclaim something ‘that I think everyone should know about’.  I mean, I could give all sorts of essential tips, but they’d only be of any value to … Continue reading Tips and Wrinkles


CoBloWriMo Day 7: ‘Write about one of your favourite resources.’ Wah!  Well, I’m afraid I’m going to be a complete copycat here, and piggyback on another blogger following this challenge.  Sorry Aurora, I’m going with eBay too! No, hang on, let’s stretch it a tad:  I choose t’Internet itself. Every payday, I go and have … Continue reading Resourceful

Sewing Bee #4-Not so bad

It was better this week, don’t you think?  Mr Beardy is getting really bitchy with the contestants, yet everyone smiles and simpers at him, while I screech imprecations at the screen.  Edna Mode looks suitably pinch-lipped at times, and Madame Tango still requires a thorough slapping… The ‘educational’ segment this week didn’t appear [to me] … Continue reading Sewing Bee #4-Not so bad

Future Challenges

Following on from the CoBloWriMo prompt the other day about ‘dream projects’, I’m just adding a link to my Pinterest board, featuring some fabulous images that I’d love to make one day.  I already showed the accordion collar shirt, and there are more images of it on the board. Most of the others are items … Continue reading Future Challenges