Sewing Bee #3:Undie-whelmed

Undie-veloped Undie-cided Undies.  Yep, it was lingerie week [horribly mispronounced throughout the show by everyone except Edna Mode- I love her, it’s official]. IT’S NOT lahn-jer-AY people, it’s lahn-jer-EEEEEEEEEEEEE! And breathe.  [As annoying as everyone mispronouncing ‘toile’ lol.] Anyway.  The usual nonsense ensued.  They had to follow a pattern make a stretch bra [or bralet … Continue reading Sewing Bee #3:Undie-whelmed

My elf queen

CoBloWriMo Day 5: “Write about a favorite project you’ve done in the past.” McCall’s 4378, my wife’s wedding dress.  She’s not the type to wear a dress, and when she said she would like something like Eowyn’s dress in LOTR I was amazed…and quickly googled and found a pattern before she could change her mind! After … Continue reading My elf queen

Rag Week , Part 2

Edited to fit with the latest prompt for CoBloWriMo Day 4: ” Write about a recent event you’ve been to or trip you’ve taken.” Oh my aching toeses!  Home again after the second Rag Market trip this week.  I was going to be soooo good, I only wanted some ivory ribbon for my armistice blouse. … Continue reading Rag Week , Part 2

Boning up [again]

CoBloWriMo (Costume Blog Writing Month) Day 3, prompt 3: “Write about a new technique that you have learned recently or would like to learn” I made my first corset, following ‘instructions’ from the corset bible, ‘Corsets and Crinolines.’  It was OK, wearable-ish, but didn’t fit me well.  I also couldn’t afford proper gubbins back then, … Continue reading Boning up [again]

Feeling shirty

Just made the missus another shirt, McCall’s 6076 again, but this time using the princess seams that finish at the shoulder.  It’s in the clock fabric we got from Barry’s a few weeks ago, metallic finish buttons from the rag market.   French seams throughout the body and sleeves, armscye bound with some khaki green … Continue reading Feeling shirty

Breaking News…

Aaargh!  I came equal first in the Stitchers’ Guild SWAP 2016!  I’ve never won anything before, and need to blow my trumpet HARD!  Thanks to anyone who voted, and if you want another look at all the pics, they’re here on IMGUR..  squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!   Continue reading Breaking News…