Bodice Building…well, nearly

I should be finishing that bodice- but it’s so very hard to stop buying fabric.  Very hard.  We bought a new mattress and full replacement bedding on Thursday…and I got some fabric. We are painting the bedroom in grey and sage green, and the bedding shades are all grey, so we want/need a  a throw … Continue reading Bodice Building…well, nearly

Bodice Conscious

How long has it been since I cut these out?  I looked back, and found it was…oh dear, JANUARY when I made the toile.  The original inspiration was this image And I found McCall’s 4713 to adapt for something approximating to the look.  I cut out two, one in the very last fragment’s of Dawn’s … Continue reading Bodice Conscious

Getting the sack?

A short walk down memory lane: I’ve just read Heather Lou’s latest post on Closet Case Files, where she absolutely rocks a vintage kaftan. Heather Lou- doesn’t she look amazing? Anyway, it reminded me that I made a kaftan or two in my day, way back in the 70s, when they were pretty ubiquitous. Demis … Continue reading Getting the sack?

Well that was a better day!  The Armistice Blouse is done, including fourteen buttonholes and teensy buttons.  I also got a parcel [left on the doorstep, which according to Hermes, counts as ‘secure in porch’-humph].  In the parcel, new Fiskars embroidery scissors, and my three-way daylight lamp. The lamp does duty as desk lamp, floor … Continue reading

“…the girl could flounce better than a fat turkey on a trampoline.”

Well actually, I can’t.  My flounce-ability  is defunct.  My poor treasured ruffler is, like Monty Python’s parrot, no more. My much anticipated sewing marathon started yesterday morning, relatively bright and early.  I’ve had plenty of time to prioritise and make lists, so job one was to be ruffling several yards of pre-hemmed trim, to make … Continue reading “…the girl could flounce better than a fat turkey on a trampoline.”

Fairy’s Ragtime Band!

Another holiday, another sewing meet up:  in fact, two! Next Tuesday, July 26th and the following Saturday, July 30th. For those on Facebook, details here and here Both days meeting at 1030 in the tea room at the back of St Martin-in-the-Bullring church.  Markets, Fancy Silk Store, Barry’s and lunch.  Fun?  Loads!  All welcome, come for … Continue reading Fairy’s Ragtime Band!


…with plans and ideas.  Five more days of marking, five more days at work [overlapping slightly], then I can erupt back into sewing mode.  My parcels of happiness have been arriving steadily, as I console myself with retail therapy.  The latest to arrive is a length of Alexander Henry blue motorcycle fabric, intended for another … Continue reading Bubbling…