Still marking time…

18 thoughts on “Still marking time…”

  1. Fantastic shoes! Comfortable shoes really can not be too highly rated. Shoes can ruin your day and your body.

    The garden looks great. We just started with our strawberry harvest. It’s now a daily ‘chore’ to keep up!

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  2. Hush Puppies are my favourite (along with one other Spanish make): perfect heel height for my hallux rigidus. But I would have guessed by the look of those they were Poste Mistress.
    Love the fabric match: you will look (and sound) amazing!

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  3. I am in love with those shoes. They are the perfect shape and the perfect scandalous red. Actually, for some reason they remind me of Nanny Ogg but in my book that’s big shoes to fill (see what I did there?). I love the idea of squeaky, shiny fabric. I have a big box of latex but have never made anything from it yet. If your fabric is anything like PVC then sewing through strips of tissue paper will save your sanity. Xx

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