6 thoughts on “Bee-Gone!”

  1. I was very disappointed with the finish on any of the evening gowns, after some of the ones in previous series. I don’t think that there was a clear winner this time but Jade the young one got my vote.

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    1. she was the most creative, Charlotte was the most careful with detail, Joyce had the larger skill set but little colour sense- I swear that’s what let her down. Everything was brown! Nothing outstanding for certain, and the gowns were disappointing. I liked the bustle skirt but what the hell happened with the ‘fitted’ waist? lol


  2. Totally agree with your comments – what happened to the waist, specially considering it was, as she said, the only bit that really needed to fit! Don’t understand why the pin tucks took so long – they had pin tuck feet after all! Couldn’t feel the love for any of the contestants really but I am considering making myself a blue smock thing with a quilting fabric yoke – think that could work in my wardrobe!

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