Bodice Building…well, nearly

12 thoughts on “Bodice Building…well, nearly”

  1. Oh wow. That waxed cotton? Gorgeous! I want tunics and dresses in waxed cotton. Maybe go for the full hippie style and have tunic and trousers. My fave childhood summer dress is hiding in there (my aunt had been known Africa and we all had gorgeous wax print tunics. I’ve loved them ever since). And the clock fabric? So many possibilities. You know, part of me is desperate to go fabric shopping with you, as it will no doubt be great fun. And part of me is running gear away screaming “expensive! You don’t need it! Too much stash!” And then the first one hits the second with a baseball bat, and it’s settled. I need to go to market with you. *nods*

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  2. I love the froggies too – it rather reminds me of the shapes in Margaret Macdonald’s spook paintings.


    1. I have that froggy face fabric as a curtain in the flat!! I made them many moons ago but still love them even though they lost something in the wash……..

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  3. That’s a beautiful fabric; both colours and the graphics, and that’s before you meet froggy. Yeah, I think we have taste overlap. That Zen Charmer AH fabric is one of my all-time favourites and I wear AH a lot.

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