The lunatics have taken over the Asylum!

We’re back from 2016’s Weekend at the Asylum in Lincoln.  It was our first time, and we had fun, met new friends, hooked up with people I only know from the internet, and were inspired by the astonishing creativity all around us. Here are a few pics of us in our finery, plus a couple of … Continue reading The lunatics have taken over the Asylum!

Wife of wives…

…which is how Lalume, played by Dolores Grey, is introduced in ‘Kismet’ [1955]. Phoo-er,  I love that film [as I may have mentioned before], and its fabulously luscious old-Hollywood costumes.  We walked down the ‘aisle’ to the wonderful ‘Night of my Nights’. Years later, I went to see a stage production, and was ITCHING to … Continue reading Wife of wives…


I was so determined to finish this bloody silk bodice today.  It’s been sitting there, part done, for so ruddy long, making me feel guilty.  I just spent the best part of an hour carefully clipping, trimming and pressing all the ruddy princess seams in the silk, and in the coutil lining.  I’m all hot … Continue reading AAArrrrggghhh!

Tipping the Scales

Inspiration struck. On the sewing table:  the Game of Thrones inspired tunic for dawn, a grey/white steamm powered shirt, and a sleeveless clock print tunic.  All good fun.  So I decided to start on the ‘simplest’, the GoT tunic.  It’s this pattern In these fabrics  This morning, I came over all creative [oh dear].  For … Continue reading Tipping the Scales