Bodice Shop

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  1. Take your time, you will be more productive if you don’t rush things – fewer mistakes, less unpicking. You’ve had a very busy time in the last few weeks. Love the metal frog fastenings.

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  2. Nothing is wrong, you’ve just been very busy. Let your body get the rest it needs, don’t fight it (because it will win) and enjoy getting back into it in a few days. Now, if you’re still like this in two weeks’ time I might suggest a visit to the GP, but to me this sounds like a body demanding the rest it needs.

    Very intrigued by your projects and looking forward to seeing more of them.

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    1. Oh it’s far from perfect, but I’m improving gradually. Good enough is good enough! The mojo will creep back, I did a tissue fit on the missus yesterday, and cut out a couple of things, which made me feel productive. Still a little pile waiting though. That usually inspires me to crack on…

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