Mojo! Mojo! Wherefore art thou..?

11 thoughts on “Mojo! Mojo! Wherefore art thou..?”

  1. Sniggering into my tea mug here…we’re living in dangerous times, and emergencies are, unfortunately, the norm. Too bad.
    BTW, did you know wherefore is hvorfor in Norwegian? Where is hvor, and hvorfor is why. 😃

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  2. No other fabric acquisition – famous last words. Have a good time and happy sewing on your return. Bodice is looking good.


  3. That cording is looking lovely. Ditto, it is near-nigh impossible not to buy fabric. I think that it’s the law. Either that or some sort of compulsion. I am going to paraphrase Oscar Wilde and say that we can resist anything except fabric. 🙂 Xx

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