Rag Week

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  1. Holy majoly, those trims… and most at £2/m or less?? *whimpers* Reading these market reports of yours is dangerous. I’m ready for a Brum holiday, no thinking about friends in laaahndaahhn or elsewhere, and do some serious fabric shopping. Tell me, what are the prices for good wool (not petroleum mixed), linen and silk? Do you get those ridiculously cheap as well?

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    1. There are occasionally wonderful bargains in wool, linen and silk, but more often I would get them from from FSS, where prices are very very variable, from cheap and cheerful to high end [we saw one fabulous piece of heaven at well over £100/m]. Silks are very reasonable in sari shops, or I buy online for real bargains [my eBay Italian designer seller is amazing for top end stuff]

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  2. Aaaargh, the temptation of fabric shopping is almost too much. I don’t think that even pattern paper would be £2 a metre up here. I like the look of that gold trim. Do you have a plan for it yet? Wax cloth is unheard of up here unless it is by Barbour. 🙂 Xx

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    1. The trim…hmmm…I may try to persuade the missus to let me put it on her silk bodice…this could take time. Mind you, she rolled over very easily on my elaborate plans for the GoT tunic…


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