22 thoughts on “Thai”

  1. Happy anniversary Fairy. I do believe the third is the leather one. Maybe a leather corset coming up? Meanwhile back in Dolly land – ha! If Exeter didn’t have me, they’d have to invent me. Xxxx

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    1. Ohhh I miss the tales of your crazy life Dolly! I do have a beautiful piece of bronze leather awaiting one little project- that will be a new experience for me, I’m quite intimidated!


  2. Happy anniversary to both of you! The trousers look great. I really need to get mine done – although the spotted fabric I have picked to do the trial won’t look as good as your version. You need to go shopping and buy more of that fabric 😉

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  3. Many congratulations, I can’t believe that it is three years since the big day. I followed all your trials and tribulations making those fabulous dresses, what a final triumph. Best wishes to you both. That linen is lovely, wonder if anywhere near here sells something similar.

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