Brecon Bad

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    1. lol it still makes US laugh after nearly ten years! The ‘corset’ isn’t one, it’s only corded on the side front panels for bust support, but fits her well. It helps that she has a good figure of course..I need to be cinched in TIGHTLY!


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I love the ‘up to no good’ necklace. Brilliant.
    I’m still chuckling at the Fanniversary cards. Teddy stuffing indeed. Absolutely hilarious.
    Dawns bodice looks wonderful on her.

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  2. Well Happy Fanniversary to you! And you celebrated in Brecon….I’ll be there in 29 days (but who’s counting) and believe we walked exactly where you are in your lovely white getup and parasol. As I am not easily offended, I did peek into the “very rude” cards….very funny people, your friends. 🙂

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