6Nap bodice- on with the show!

15 thoughts on “6Nap bodice- on with the show!”

      1. (There should be an edit comment option on the smartphone app) Of course, I should have said no shorter than 3mm, especially if there will be any stress on the seams – and if you use those triangular cutting needles.


  1. Nice job. The pinched pleats in the first two calico pictures look so neat they’re an interesting design in themselves!

    Leather is lovely! As I sew it I salivate at the smell…


    1. Well I have quite a large piece of the leather left, so I’ll have to use it for something. Fitting on a shape like mine is very tricky, and rather depressing. I hate having to look so closely at the images, I look more like a ship’s figurehead by the minute! I spent last night stitching down the seam allowances and pinning ready for another fitting tonight. Not much time left now!


  2. I think it’s looking great, I never worked with leather so no tips (I’m to nervous) I’m sure it will look fab when it’s done.

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    1. It’s been interesting, and I’m looking forward to wearing this on Sunday [hence the rush]. I think I may need to insert a bust improver for now, as I just don’t have time to get the fit perfect, and there’s some ‘nippling’ on those darts!


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