I was so determined to finish this bloody silk bodice today.  It’s been sitting there, part done, for so ruddy long, making me feel guilty.  I just spent the best part of an hour carefully clipping, trimming and pressing all the ruddy princess seams in the silk, and in the coutil lining.  I’m all hot … Continue reading AAArrrrggghhh!

Tipping the Scales

Inspiration struck. On the sewing table:  the Game of Thrones inspired tunic for dawn, a grey/white steamm powered shirt, and a sleeveless clock print tunic.  All good fun.  So I decided to start on the ‘simplest’, the GoT tunic.  It’s this pattern In these fabrics  This morning, I came over all creative [oh dear].  For … Continue reading Tipping the Scales

Brecon Bad

Geddit?  Geddit?  Oh please yourselves… Actually, it was really, really good.  We’re still celebrating out anniversary, with a lovely weekend away in the Brecon Beacons. [Wales, for those not in the UK]. A few weeks ago, we made some new steampunk friends, and went dinosaur hunting, which was my birthday treat.  They invited us back, … Continue reading Brecon Bad

Rag Week

Blimey.  Three visits to the rag market + Fancy Silk Store + Barry’s in 8 days.  That’s a lot of fabric, and a lot of walking! I was restrained this time, but enabled the lovely Katja to buy one helluva lot of goodies [her shopping trolley was full before we were halfway round the markets … Continue reading Rag Week