6Nap and Next Up

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  1. We did!
    I’m so pleased to see your finished version – we could all do with another hour or so to ‘tidy up’, but isn’t it the most delicious frock to wear?

    Love your colours and fabrics and, more importantly, the very idea that you wore this in real life. My hero!

    6Nap night out?- totally there….

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  2. All the effort was worth it especially as you have two looks and therefore two separate reasons to wear the out fits. Everyone else looks great too.

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  3. Thanks so much for taking part and finishing in nick of time despite being on so called holidays. The wet-look bodice is unique and totally steampunk and I really, really hope to you get to wear the day version lots too. How did you make the skirt (if you can explain loosely what you did with the pattern)?

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  4. Well done for finishing a very wearable skirt. I had originally thought about a skirt and bodice rather than a dress, and I now envy your skirt. Some of these asymmetric-hem jobs from Vogue etc really creep me out, but the 6 Nap, with its several layers is actually really flattering on all the makers, isn’t it? I am intrigued by your method and like Marianna would love to know more. In terms of the green wet look – I think I saw this fabric in the sale at Abakhan and was attracted to it too, but worried if it would wash. I am really looking forward to meeting up next month and having a closer look. You certainly do Maths-teacher-chic in the first set of pictures. A huge well done, and thanks for all your generous encouragement throughout.

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    1. I did several posts about the skirt [when I finally got going] I’ll try to assemble all the pics into one logical post to show how it works. That will be more productive than just sitting staring at the PC which is all I seem able to do this week… THe skirt is definitely number 1 favourite right now, and I’m having to try hard to only wear it once a week!


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