Pipe Smokin’ -Burda 7029 #5

Slow but steady:  The lapels and the mock buttonholes are all machine stitched, and the lapel linings applied by hand. I’ve stared long and hard at the overlay trim layout, and decided that it was just too…pink. ‘Maybe I needed more of the flocked chiffon?’  I wondered, but a rummage in the scrap bags failed … Continue reading Pipe Smokin’ -Burda 7029 #5

Rag Bags

That was a very tiring, but really fun day- I guided another bunch of sewing enthusiasts round Birmingham Rag Market, Fancy Silk Store and Barry’s Fabric Warehouse.  We stopped for lunch at Mount Fuji Japanese restaurant [om nom nom] and a few restorative cuppas at the church tea rooms, before ending up in Wetherspoon’s for … Continue reading Rag Bags

Late Bloomer

Part 2 of The Edwardian cycling outfit from  Laughing Moon #110.  I was originally planning to make the entire outfit in the African wax print, but pattern matching and fabric width defeated me.  I got this rather gorgeous quality black cotton sateen as a substitute, and used it for the collar on the jacket, to … Continue reading Late Bloomer

All tucked up…

Butterick 6026, black cotton sateen from eBay. One for the missus.  I cut this one out when I did my big cutting out weekend, and as it’s a new pattern, did a quick tissue fit first.  I was glad I did, as this seems to be super close fitting, and although shirts for the missus … Continue reading All tucked up…