19 thoughts on “AbFabFrickardian”

      1. It’s totally bonkers, and I luuurve it. How can one be grumpy in jacket like that? Can’t be done, imo. And with the bloomers it’s going to be even harder. Possible doable on the outside, but inside? Nope.

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  1. Absobloominlootly gorgeous. Love that colour on you and the hat, well that just tops it all😉 Sorry to hear you aren’t well again. Take it easy and happy sewing.

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  2. Completely mad, but good mad, you know 😀. Great fabric. I love the back flaps with the little eyes 👀 on them! Hope whatever it is goes away soon, and you manage some good sewing. Always helps.

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  3. Oh I see the bribery worked then – lunch in town. Love the black buttons – top right and the jacket well yes its fabulous. Nobody will lose you in that will they? Take care of yourself, happy sewing.

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