All tucked up…

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  1. Glad you’ve made this one as I have it in my queue to make with some nice chambray. I have just returned from a 3 day course at the WI College in Oxfordshire and learnt quite a lot about pattern fitting – I have lots more to learn but I am a slow learner. I had intended to take this pattern with me but decided with all those tucks I would be better to do it at home, so not rushed. I will be looking at PR next. Thanks Elaine.

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    1. Just watch it if you need an FBA! It’s very slim fitting too, and the sleeve heads are only eased very slightly, no gathers. If your upper arms are big, you’ll need to make a bigger sleeve.


    1. I really like it- the tucks give a subtle touch of shaping, and just a bit of interest [shirts can be so boring!]. The missus wants another one, and I’ll be doing one for myself. The sateen is a lovely fabric [which is why she now has three more pieces waiting to be made up!]


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