Rag Bags

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  1. Watch out for the bodice on the Mizono pattern. It is enormous. Check Pattern Review. When I made it, I spent hours taking it up to get a fit. Next time, I will use a different bodice.
    Otherwise, it looks like everybody had a great time on your meet-up. I live in the Birmingham in Alabama and unfortunately have no fabric shops. What a luxury to have a selection!

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    1. Good tip- Mind you, my ever expanding belly IS pretty enormous now, so I need all the room I can get! The leather look stuff is very stretchy, so I’ll pin fit first to see if I need to go down a siz e though. Thanks! I’ve never ‘met’ anyone from BirmingHAM [you emphasis that bit don’t you?] that’s really cool!


  2. I should just send you a bunch of money and have you do a surprise package from the fancy silk store. 😀. I’d be pretty easy to shop for; I’m on the opposite side of the colour wheel from your missus. I love the olives and bronzes you get for her, but they don’t do a thing for my fish-belly white (with blotchy blue undertone!) complexion. 🙂

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  3. What a fabulous haul, I bet you feel amazing nothing like a bit of fabric retail therapy even though it depletes the bank balance. Glad you all had a great day.

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