Patternmastery: a mathematical post

[Pattern-master, by Octavia E. Butler.  A whole series of novels, highly recommended.  Nothing at all to do with this post though!] I typed up a spreadsheet of all my patterns, marking off which ones I have made once, which have been used multiple times, and which have not yet been used.  I also analysed them … Continue reading Patternmastery: a mathematical post

A High Rooster…

…or cock-up.  Geddit?  Geddit?  Sigh.  I’ll get me coat… Flying high after finishing the AbFabR..oh you know, that thing, I decided to grab up an easy project on the sewing pile.  The easiest choice was the Indian-style tunic from Simplicity 4149.  A quick glance through the instructions, just in case a new and interesting method … Continue reading A High Rooster…

“There are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, patterns that affect other patterns. Patterns hidden by patterns. Patterns within patterns. “

From ‘Survivor’ by Chuck Palahniuk If you’re of a mathematical turn of mind, the image above is part of the Mandelbrot set, a set of complex numbers which can be plotted to produce amazing fractal images.  Yes, it does look like a space beetle… You’ll never guess what this post is all about.  Oh.  You did. … Continue reading “There are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, patterns that affect other patterns. Patterns hidden by patterns. Patterns within patterns. “


I persuaded the missus to drive me into town to buy buttons.  A short jaunt, which involved many flights of stairs because the carpark was RAMMED! I chose some buttons, then some more buttons, then some buttons for the other thing, then some spare cover-it-yourself buttons.  YAY BUTTONS!  I also got a bag/purse frame, because … Continue reading AbFabFrickardian

Art of Africa

The African wax print cycling jacket is nearly done, so I thought I’d give you a couple of teaser pics and a progress report.  Proper pics over the weekend, once the buttons are on! The pattern is Laughing Moon #110, which is apparently a copy of an original 1890s pattern.  The back has two stitched … Continue reading Art of Africa

Quick and Simple

…Kwiksew and Simplicity, to be exact. I’ve just knocked up another Kwiksew 3658 in off-white rib knit from MyFabrics.  I didn’t have the fabric shortage this time, so the sleeves are full length.  It’s a nice fine knit, great for layering.  Nothing much to say, it’s almost entirely done on the overlocker bar the CF … Continue reading Quick and Simple

Owl Service

Anyone remember this from 1969? I love that book, although the TV series was a bit disappointing!  Anyway, why the reference to owls?  Because I just made a top from some cool ‘Hiding Owl’ fabric which I found on MyFabrics.  It was a payday indulgence, a bit of retail therapy which I justified [it’s a … Continue reading Owl Service

Cutting Remarks

Woohoo I got me some sew-jo!  I had a mad indulgent splurge last week [payday, can’t help myself] and ordered shedloads of patterns and fabrics.   They’ve been arriving all week, and I finally reached ignition point and got the itch again.  Just a little, but I have put in several hours of pattern prep … Continue reading Cutting Remarks