That Sinking feeling…Burda 7029 #7

11 thoughts on “That Sinking feeling…Burda 7029 #7”

  1. You’re going to look even better than Kate, because you’ll have that glow of satisfaction that comes from making your own amazing dress yourself! 🙂

    Best wishes for the transition back to work. People don’t realize how tough it is to do (I was off for 6 months a few years ago, and when I came back everyone acted like I had been on holiday, and didn’t get why ‘just being at work’ was wiping me out).

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      1. I still work from home one day a week. Took two years of paperwork, and my doctor threatening to put me on permanent disability… so much for modern employment options! 😐

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  2. How do you get all this sewing done anyway? I’mimpressed, it’s looking so good. Button covering is a devil of a job, not too insane if the fabric doesn’t fray, nightmare if it does.

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    1. You know what- I haven’t the foggiest! I can’t remember last time I covered any buttons, but I did find one in the buttonbox, and the fabric had rotted…but the assembly was still together. I suppose that says something…


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