Burda 7029, #9: done and dusted.

9 thoughts on “Burda 7029, #9: done and dusted.”

  1. Hope your sewing mojo has now returned to full power and we see this beauty modelled soon. It is gorgeous. I am searching for silver metal frog clasps at the moment for a coat I am about to start. It is Simplicity 1067 and I have been looking online (no shops in my area) for one large enough to fasten a thick wool. Can you suggest where I might find such a thing please Elaine? I would so love to come on one of your trips to Brum but don’t think I could manage it really.

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    1. Vena Cava have some lovely ones, otherwise I’d look at McCulloch & Wallis, or good old reliable ebay. It would be lovely to meet if you can make it some time! Never say never…


  2. Looks amazing! All the detail work you did really makes it look like an outfit, not a costume. Looking forward to seeing you swanning about in it. Hopefully with a giant hat bedecked with ostrich plumes?

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