Burda 7029, #9: done and dusted.

9 thoughts on “Burda 7029, #9: done and dusted.”

  1. Hope your sewing mojo has now returned to full power and we see this beauty modelled soon. It is gorgeous. I am searching for silver metal frog clasps at the moment for a coat I am about to start. It is Simplicity 1067 and I have been looking online (no shops in my area) for one large enough to fasten a thick wool. Can you suggest where I might find such a thing please Elaine? I would so love to come on one of your trips to Brum but don’t think I could manage it really.

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  2. Looks amazing! All the detail work you did really makes it look like an outfit, not a costume. Looking forward to seeing you swanning about in it. Hopefully with a giant hat bedecked with ostrich plumes?

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