S-bend in action: Edwardian Corset #3

8 thoughts on “S-bend in action: Edwardian Corset #3”

  1. That’s a work of art. You have the patience of a saint to sew something as complicated as that. It’s way too beautiful to hide away underneath a dress, even one as intricate as the one you’ve sewn to go over it. I’m in awe.

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    1. Not much patience, believe me. It went together very easily- they look way more compicated than they are, honest! It’s an excellent pattern and goes together like a dream [I didn’t even make a toile, bad Fairy]


  2. Incredible! And quite lovely. I love the aqua and cream lace together. It works brilliantly. It looks really fun with the historic under garments (and cool boots) but how will you wear this out DF? Or is it for indoor longing 1900 style?


    1. Well the missus rather enjoyed the look! It will be worn under whatever Edwardian gear I knock up- like the equestrian skirt, Belle Epoque dress, and a couple mor I have planned. I really like the shape of it, and it’s very comfortable. Maybe I should open a saloon?


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