Fully coated

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  1. I have that pattern, (love it, love it) I was toying with using some blue velvety furnishing fabric that I’ve had for absolutely ages. I don’t think that they’ll be enough for a long coat but maybe a hip length version. I already have a hat, not quite as tall as the one on the pattern picture though.

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  2. I’ve made this and kept the cuffs how they were as I love to be different. I also added 6 inch to the length as I’m tall and it come almost to my ankles. I used dark blue thin cord with light grey ‘fur’ and big black buttons. I’m not a confident experienced sewer but found this relatively easy, except I redid the lining hem 3 times and ended up sewing it to the coat as the only way I could do it. I also ‘punked’ it up by including lacing at the back. But I wear it almost daily and get so many comments about it and some requests to make another one.

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    1. Hello and welcome! Your version sounds gorgeous, and very gothpunk. I think Dawn wants hers to be suitable for weddings and funerals, in the usual manner lol Lining tailored garments can sometimes be a pain- my worst lining battle was doing a vented jacket- I just could not find any tutorials that showed how to deal with it neatly, and ended up codging it.


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