Dawn’s Coat #2-all buttoned up

15 thoughts on “Dawn’s Coat #2-all buttoned up”

      1. Nope- hoping to cut it out this weekend. The layout of binding, lining, and main fabric was to demonstrate to my lovely wife how it will look. That’s actually some pretty tatty old satin binding, I’m making some nice crisp new taffeta stuff for the real deal. I just hope it DOES end up looking as stoosh!

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      2. I agree- I always forget, and I want to make sure this one has all the details…I’m even considering a inside pocket, but that could spoil the line of the coat [wifey fills all pockets with her worldly goods!]

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  1. Buttons make or break a coat, so it was wise to spend time.
    They’re not squiggles, those are zombie skulls from the nose up…….
    Definitely include an inside pocket in the lining – men’s coats/jackets have them and so should we. It won’t spoil the line of the coat if you use lining material.

    Sorry, trying to find lots of things to do and anything to put off marking due Monday (first day back) and now off to look at buttons as I can procrastinate for another hour and then have to sit up to 2am on Sunday. Oh that I had some wisdom…..

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    1. buttons buttons buttons! She’ll be so happy that they’re zombies [well,the coat is rather gothic after all]
      I’ll have to seek out some advice on where to place the pocket- boobs get in the way don’t you think?
      Wnjoy the marking [I got all mine done before the break, smug smug…]


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