Sleevey Wonder: Fairy-style

19 thoughts on “Sleevey Wonder: Fairy-style”

    1. Thanks! I’m chuffed that [a] I found a tartan chiffon on the bargain table [b] cutting it on the bias worked [c] It actually looks like part of the dress [d] THEY ARE REALLY COMFY! Blimey, a LBD that is secret pyjamas!

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    1. Go on, give it a go! Mind you, last time I sewed a top in silk chiffon, I chickened out of doing it on the machine, and just hand sewed it. It was surprisingly fast, and far less fuss than faffing about trying to get the machine NOT to eat it!


    1. Ah! the shoes were from ebay YEARS ago. I used to be able to wear such towering heels all day, every day, until my hip decided to go arthritic, and now I can only cope with moderate heels for any length of time. I used to love to wear them with some gorgeous grey flared trousers that had a silver pinstripe, very sexy. I must admit, Dawn’s eyes lit up when I came downstairs in them though! lol

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