Dawn’s Coat #9:structure

9 thoughts on “Dawn’s Coat #9:structure”

  1. She looks like the cat that found the bowl of cream. If your photos had sound, in sure I could hear her purr. That face says it all. She might not want to take it off… You’re doing an excellent job!

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  2. Oh my God, that coat is looking gorgeous and Dawn looks smashing in it. Really love the shape of the sleeve heads and the amazing swishy length. I bought a couple of tailoring books recently. One was the “Couture Sewing :Tailoring Techniques” one by Claire Shaeffer which is all about the details like pockets and buttonholes and the other one was “Vintage Couture Tailoring” by Thomas von Nordheim which is a-bloody-mazing. Now all I need to do is sew something. 🙂 Xx

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    1. I recommend this pattern. I’ve just attached the lining to the shell, and made the buttonhole back facings. NOw for even more hand sewing- I’m going to understitch by hand. Why not? lol. More pice tomorrow, by which time there should be nothing left to do except hems…


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