Dawn’s Coat #10: Bringing it together

14 thoughts on “Dawn’s Coat #10: Bringing it together”

  1. Pissing myself laughing at the organza and swear words. I am sure that I rarely swore until I started sewing. Cutting boning being a favourite for potty mouthed profanity. The coat is looking lovely. I can’t wait to see it when it is all done. Xx

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    1. Oh I love a good swear- we weren’t allowed to at home, but my first proper boyfriend was very posh and swore like a trouper. It was the first time I EVER heard anyone drop the F bomb. Now it’s one of my favourite words!


  2. Wow, I salute your bravery and skills. You make wonderful things! And about the swearing…. I first swore while using my grandmother’s antique treadle machine. Before age 10 probably. ;0)

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