Edwardian 10-gore skirt #4

6 thoughts on “Edwardian 10-gore skirt #4”

      1. I was going to suggest that very thing! I’m curious about how much of the teeny waist effect is a function of the cropped jacket/high skirt combo…

        I recently bought a little knit shrug, and have had several comments that it makes my waist look smaller – mostly because it make my ample bosom look even… ample-er. 🙂

        Oh, and congrats on the reduced hours! It’s such a pain to try and get accommodation for health issues from an employer. Mine once said that they had no concerns if I was being hospitalized on a semi-regular basis – as long as the hospital stays were on ‘my own time’ (evenings and weekends), and I was still able to pull a 40 hour week. :’P

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      2. This modern disregard for the health of staff seems insane to me- we’re the machines that churn out the finished products after all. If you were running a factory, you don’t neglect the machinery and still expect it to work do you?
        The optical illusion factor of this outfit is very high indeed- the gigot sleeves do a grand job of producing an illusory hourglass


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