WIFESWAP 2017, perfecting the plans

10 thoughts on “WIFESWAP 2017, perfecting the plans”

  1. I have no suggestions for you, but what a cool collection of ideas. I’m always looking for non-typical pant ideas (I have a couple of fishers) so thank you for the intro to Hakama pants. They look fabulous.


  2. I’d love to see the Asylum corset from Harlots and Angels adapted into a vest as the second over. But I’m not sure it would be to big of a redesign project given the time frame of the SAWP?

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  3. I love the Hakama pants – new to me. I will have to investigate more.
    You already have the first ‘over’ done – and it’s magnificent. I wouldn’t dare to impose my view as I’m sure you will make a fabulous SWAP without it.


    1. They are intriguing aren’t they? I might go for that after these shirts, as it should be a fairly straightforward make- mostly rectangles and all that. What can I do to make it more complicated? lol


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