Yes ma’am! Frontier shirts for Dawn #1

4 thoughts on “Yes ma’am! Frontier shirts for Dawn #1”

  1. Now I want one in my closet! Would you consider machine or handmade eyelets instead of grommets? It’s a different look but one that goes well with the style. What trouble are you having exactly with the grommets (asking for other people as you already have 10x the experience I do so I’m of no use!). Hope you get something working, it’s too nice a shirt to be a UFO!


    1. lol it’s always fun to enable someone else to buy another pattern! I’ve considered handmade, I did loads on Dawn’s wedding dress, and quite enjoyed it. I have these really nice, ‘old-looking’ metal ones though, very small. I did a bit of ebaying, and found a gizmo that should work [assuming I’ve ordered the right size]/ It was under a fiver too, so fingers crossed that it won’t be unfinished for long!


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