Enough with the art teacher-chic…#1

15 thoughts on “Enough with the art teacher-chic…#1”

  1. I love it. Fabulous. Magnificent. Perfect maths teacher chic.I even have the pattern but after losing weight all winter (don’t ask) it’s too bl**dy big and I will have to grade down. Maybe more than I thought having seen your experience.
    Enjoy that dress. It’s a keeper.

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  2. That is lovely. I like the chambray on the bottom with the jersey. It’s a nice combination. I don’t think that I could ever get my head around sewing something like this. I just couldn’t envisage how it would go together and would probably need a.ie down in a darkened room after cutting it out. The drape is fantastic. Xx

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    1. It’s very straightforward, basically the skirt is like 5 faces of a box. There’s a hole in the centre of the ‘top’ and you add the bodice to that. That’s it really. Go on, give it a go!


  3. Wow, DF, your version is great. I love it. I agree that it doesn’t need a zip. As you say, the pattern has no darts, so those who usually need to do a FBA (or who are on the way to a FBA) will want either darts or something like the thingy you have done to give it shape. Those of us who don’t need a FBA (cough!) can get away with no further shaping, or at least that’s what I tell myself. Like the patch pockets – I usually do in seam- either way it is definitely better with pockets.

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