The lunatics have taken over my Asylum!

11 thoughts on “The lunatics have taken over my Asylum!”

  1. Thanks for sharing about about the dodgy sizing. I will flat pattern measure before choosing a size. I haven’t cut mine out yet (unlike the Sophia that is waiting for me in a sulk) and the pattern is in my to-do pile. That is lovely coutil. I saw that on Vena Cava. Is it thicker than the usual satin coutil? It will look lovely when it is done. P.S. my waist is bigger than yours if it cheers you up. 😀 Xx

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    1. I just got the Sophia cut out [after measuring twice]. The Asylum one is one the glare-at-it-then abandon-it pile for now. The coutil seems standard to me. The one I’m doing the Sophia in is a remnant piece of black ‘tulip broche’ and I’ve just been basting the stitching lines because that pattern has no seam allowances, and I’m not neat! It seems to be thin where the patter is, and thick between. I’m only doing a single layer as this one is for muggle wear, and I don’t want it to be too obvious. I think I’ll get a comfy 3″ reduction on this one, but time will tell!


    1. I’ve been asking about on Facebook and it transpires that this has been a problem for nearly everyone…somebody asked if I’d printed a PDF as they are routinely 125% scaled!! It isn’t but I strongly suspect by the excessive inches that everyone has had that the whole batch are printed at that scale. No answer yet from the manufacturer, but I won’t give up on this one…


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