I’ve given myself 100 lines…[Edwardian Shirtwaist #2]

9 thoughts on “I’ve given myself 100 lines…[Edwardian Shirtwaist #2]”

    1. My puishment is to re-bind the corset, and make DAwn’s trouser toile [a job I’ve been dodging for MONTHS. Nearly a year probably. SO boring. Ah well…two patterns prepped for cutting out, one of them should fit her!


  1. That is so annoying when things go awry. Never mind, as they say up here “what’s fur ye will no go by ye” and it just wasn’t meant to be. Otherwise it was a design choice. Really looking forward to seeing you corset. Mine is still looking at me reproachfully but will have to wait until after I move (again). Xx

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  2. 100 lines of stitching, then? I mean, what good would writing 100 lines to for å sewing fairy? But I feel your pain. And honestly I think this is something all makers experience now and then. When this happens to me I (after the first gah! and hissy fit) ask myself – or rather what I’m working on – why did this happen? Was it too tired and should have stopped, or is this the result of my creative elf “helping” me? You know, moving me into making something I hadn’t thought about but which is way better than what I had in mind…

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  3. I think that ‘why it happened’ is that I’m a slob, and not really meant to ever bother with pattern matching! I think it will actually be improved by the black yokes- I was a tad concerned about the epileptic properties of all those stripes. [It will still be crazy though.] What’s really frustrating is that I was being so careful and cutting single layer and everything. Gah!


    1. Very- I replaced them with black voile, used double for modesty, but now I’ve run into another problem because the sleeves don’t fit the armhole…or not the way the instructions tellme to do it. I’m in discussion with Reconstructing HIstory on FB, let’s see what ensues! Meanwhile, it’s on the edge of the crate of shame…

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