Dress Like Your Grandma?

12 thoughts on “Dress Like Your Grandma?”

  1. What charming photos and lots of inspiration there Elaine. I especially love the engagement picture and the hanker chief sleeves.

    And, as I know you care about these things, “Tartar” started as an ethnic slur against tartars.

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  2. Nice pics – I found one of 5 sisters taken in about 1915. One of them is my hubs grandmother (a few months before she died). It’s interesting how differently they are dressed.
    I’ll post a pic on the Sewing Place in the gallery so you can see it.

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  3. It’s lovely to have family photos to look at. I knew three of my grandparents and have some photos. Make something from their era, can you do a mix’n match or a garment that reflects their time? I love the wedding photos and the difference in styles for the times, shows post war austerity.

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  4. I only have ever seen one picture of my paternal grandmother. It was taken in the mid 1970s, and she’s wearing a housedress that is a dead ringer for the Merchant and Mills Factory Dress. Not really my vibe… 🙂

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    1. Exactly- most of the pics to be honest, are very dull, and uninspiring. My mum is going to try to uncover the original 1932 wedding photo and peer to see if she can make out any details. To my eye, it looks much more 1920s than 30s, which makes sense for 1932.


    1. I don’t think so-all were from quite poor working class families, which is why mum’s stepmum always kept her best for best! I think for all of them, photos were very much a special occasion so they tended to dress in their finest. Casual snaps were something that came much later!


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