Toile & Trouble: Dawn’s trousers #1

4 thoughts on “Toile & Trouble: Dawn’s trousers #1”

  1. That Guy Laroche pattern is stunning. What a fabulous suit. The trousers are a fabulous shape. Dawn would rock that. I am a bit scared of Issey Miyake. My mind doesn’t work in a way that would be able to head or tail of the pattern. The trousers are lovely though. Trousers are a fitting mystery to me. You have my sympathies. Xx


    1. The Miyake top was a beast- one of those where every single dot and marking is crucial…it also switches between right and wrong side all over the place. It nearly killed me, then looked terrible, and I couldn’t see how to adjust it, so it got canned. I adore the whole look of the Laroche suit, but at first run, the trousers did not work at all-I will eventually graft the leg shape onto a better fitting body! The jacket looks amazing, but I have heard that there are oddities in the sleeves particularly, so who knows when that will be completed?!


  2. Beautiful pattern photos. I probably have only one style of trousers that looks good on me. I have fit it for myself and that’s it. If my sister ever asked me to start all over again and fit trousers for her, I would probably cry. She would bribe me, I would agree to do it and then there would be more frustration and crying until the job was done. Good on you for forging on!

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