Edwardian Shirtwaist #3: Leg of mutton dressed as…

10 thoughts on “Edwardian Shirtwaist #3: Leg of mutton dressed as…”

      1. Hmm trying to be more economical, and that ruddy striped stuff wasn’t exactly expensive but it wasn’t cheap either. Nothing left beyond teeny scraps either. Maybe black cuffs to go with those front panels would be a better idea? It’s still wasted quite a bit unfortunately

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      2. That’s a great solution! Piece up the stripes to get them vertical, and get black cuffs. It will be both striking and practical – in my experience black shows less of the dirt that so easily accumulates around one’s wrists. Less laundry is always a good thing, right?

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      3. The sleeve pieces are too huge to get the vertical stripes unfortunately. I could go totally crazy and patch in a stripe down the middle from the diagonal cut yokes…but that really would mess with my horizontal hold! I’ll play and see later

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