Shirt, wasted: Edwardian Shirtwaist #5

12 thoughts on “Shirt, wasted: Edwardian Shirtwaist #5”

    1. That’s all I’m hoping for. I can’t bear to bother with recutting the cuffs [again] so it really is a write off. Poop I YEARNED for that multi-striped blouse I really did. Maybe next year…it will take that long to get over it

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  1. Like the look of the biscuits! Perhaps the Edwardian ladies didn’t have time for biscuits hence their bloody thin arms. Stripey binding sounds nice, much better than looking Edwardian. Multi striped Edwardian blouses are much overrated so I’ve heard . Here in Cornwall we have decided to swerve them for the forseeable future and morale in the county has shot up. Ingredients for delicious biscuits however are much in demand. Onward and upward fellow sewist.

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    1. Very. I consoled myself with the fact that it’s only the 3rd pattern to defeat me in many , many years, so it’s not that bad on the whole. Pissed off about the fabric though! Anyway, a new dress is already part made this morning, and then I will feel much better!

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  2. Naww, that’s too bad – but easy to understand. And I’d like to point out that you’re not a bad seamstress, far from it. Imo the pattern was lacking. They might need to do some adjustments. Good thing you had biscuits!

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