Mizono in action: V1312 again

12 thoughts on “Mizono in action: V1312 again”

  1. Fantastic, DF. Of course Lynne Mizono would love it. We all do. That’s my favourite dress pattern of all time. Where’s you get that sunshine from? It’s grey, grey, grey where I am today.

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    1. THe sunshine didn’t last long- by the time I was on my way home again, it was pelting with freezing rain, and stayed that way all night. My hands are throbbing…
      I think there may be more versions of this, it’s so easy to wear!

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  2. One of the (many) good things about this pattern is that it does use up quite a lot of fabric from the ol’ stash (leaving room for stash replacement therapy…)

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  3. You win Fairy. I have cut the other Mizono out of the grey from the last Barry’s visit (I think you bought some too) but not sewn it yet. I think you have to be really busy to get things done quickly. I’m just chillin’ 😉

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    1. I have been itching to make it up into SOMETHING since I bought it, but didn’t want to waste the gloriously huge roses. The accidental perfect pattern matching was purely a fluke of the pattern itself. I loves it, and I’m sad that it’s in the wash now!

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