Oops! A Daisy…

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    1. I really do recommend this company- very high quality indeed, but be careful, prices are per half metre! For cheap and cheerful, including that fab green rose print, try The Textile Company, also on eBay.

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  1. That bodice on Dawn’s dress is lovely and your tunic is very wearable, I like the hem feature a lot. I’m always amazed how the same fabric can look entirely different according to use.

    I saw your recommendation for the Itc EBay shop and as I’m always on the EBay, I was up for trying them out. I’ve had three or four fabrics from them now, they’re all good quality (although not what I imagined I was getting, I was too impatient to wait for samples). I avoid Minerva and have had some nice Harris tweed from Maggies fabrics. That reminds me, I ought to get moving on that jacket.

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    1. I love the Italian stuff, you just have to remember the half metre pricing. I made a lot of last year’s steampunk wardrobe from it, and several quality shirts for Dawn, in linen and moleskin. I never bother with samples, I like that you sometimes get a surprise [like the ‘teal’ scratched velvet recently]


  2. That’s lovely both fabric, pattern and finished garment. Looks really useful and comfortable and it would be a StyleArc pattern – oooh you are awful!!!!!!

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  3. This colour really looks lovely on you – and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Game of Thrones tunic at the top! The crossover detail is amazeballs!

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