Even more spring greens…

18 thoughts on “Even more spring greens…”

  1. Awesome! And those twist fronts do look good, imo. I have a twist front tee I love – despite being too elastic in front. Next time I will use the clear elastic the pattern called for. 🙄
    Love this dress, and the happy mishap that made it a dress instead of tunic.

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  2. Clever combo of fabrics, they’re very complimentary and that green is your colour. That’s the great thing about Lagenlook patterns, they’re perfect for creatively matching not quite big enough pieces. I did something similar with some remnants. I made a tunic and overlocked the seams to the outside and topstitched, it turned out lovely. Alas, I made the neckline too deep, I thought that I’d be able to stick a cowl on it and call it done but I didn’t have enough fabric for that. I can’t, as yet, fathom any other solution, but one of these days I’ll have a bit of something that’ll fit the bill.

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    1. There’s a brilliant stall in the Rag Market on Tuesdays, that has a huge heap of knit remnants, usually just a quid or two per piece, depending on size etc. It’s hard NOT to buy a bagful, and there’s usually enough to squeeze a top out. I couldn’t resist these 2, and I’m very happy to have got a top AND a dress for about a fiver!


  3. Great dress in the green theme. I don’t think I have this patterns (err.. emm. have often been known to buy the same pattern twice) but I’m very tempted to get it… once I know I definitely don’t have it! I find Sandra Betzina patterns fit really well and this looks like a good fit. It would be different again in another fabric so worth another go especially if you have a good source of stretchy fabric.

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