Daisy, Daisy

16 thoughts on “Daisy, Daisy”

  1. Love it, but I’m jealous of your weather. Sleeveless? I’m still covered in wool, and everything is still a brown-grayish muted green. And just forget about magnolias… *sigh* Love this pattern, I think I need something similar.

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  2. Right… see that sh**e about Cb & Cf & fake FBA – I personally don’t care and it still looks great.
    Like the ever ready pockets and ability to ‘cover up’ if necessary.
    I too know that saying – my grand-father-in-law (is that a real relation?) used to say this: Shed nought a clout ’til May is out…It’s my annual excuse to not delve into the attic and see what I sewed last summer.
    My goodness, we could make a blockbusting movie – ‘ I Know what you sewed last Summer’

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