Lamb dressed in a leg o’mutton

15 thoughts on “Lamb dressed in a leg o’mutton”

  1. Oh my word! That blouse is the bees knees. What a glorious colour, shape and general blousieness. Those sleeves are a statement. Bet this looks fabulous on. Glad to hear that you found a better pattern. Xc


    1. The sleeves are vast. VAST! I love ’em. I’ve only slipped it on and held it as closed as possible with my uncorseted belly rolling free…but the sleeves make me smirk. Can’t wait to tog up and get the full effect. the black cotton one should zoom together even more quickly now, as I chose the simpler style…


    1. I wish they were still selling this two-tone silk, but unfortunately not. It’s the same fabric [different colourway] as I used for the wife’s wedding dress. It’s lovely to work with, and even SMELLS nice somehow!


  2. Wow. Awesome! And what a treat to have this stitch up so well when the previous gave you such a lot of grief. I’m really looking forward to seeing you in it – and I understand Dawn’s demand. Shot silk is just delicious, the shimmer is lovely.

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