Clock This! #1

5 thoughts on “Clock This! #1”

  1. Love love love the white blouse and corset, such a good look on you. I actually like the white trim on the black blouse, the eye is drawn to the vertical c front line. Were you perhaps striving for authenticity, if so, would a faux placket and a row of pearl buttons make it better?

    Dunelm aren’t cheap and the staff in my local haven’t the foggiest idea what they have for sale, one of the funniest conversations I had was trying to explain what interfacing does and showing them where they display it. 🙄


    1. I mainly just wanted to use the lovely eyelash lace at the time, but I was never convinced by it, something just didn’t work for me. It will be re-purposed, but the blouse is more vesatile left plain. Believe it or not, I try to be economical with my steampunk outfits, so I can mix and match. Loads of folk have a new outfit for every day out!


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