Misty [Just Holding Your Hand]

25 thoughts on “Misty [Just Holding Your Hand]”

      1. Oh yes. I tried everything, it reminds me why I avoided knits for years until I got an overlocker. I think I’ll get a different fabric and see if it’s happier stitching that. I find that some just won’t behave with any kind of straight or zigzag stitching.

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      2. Lol it’s a basic machine, and that’s all I’ve ever had…and it’s made steampunk costumes, wedding dresses, everyday clothing, anything at all. Some sewing machines don’t like knits very much!

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    1. My favourite boots, a lucky find [brand new] on a second hand clothes stall. I love the owl fabric [from MyFabrics] but yardage was limited, hence sleeve length. I wish it was an inch longer, maybe the tiny hem wouldn’t keep rolling out too!


    1. Nope- although I did buy a generic walking foot a few years ago, I didn’t find it much use [purchased for my sole foray into quilting] as it doesn’t lift high enough to feed much in! I think the issue is a combination of this particular bit of jersey, the thread, and the needle. It was such a small bit of sewing I wasn’t prepared to faff about trying all the multitudinous combinations. I think I’ll remove it, and find an alternative, user friendly, bit of stretch fabric. I throw little away, so have BAGS of scraps


    1. Professional! ROFL. The garden is lovely, that bit is my ‘cottage garden’ corner. We decided to group our plant pots on the ugly but vital grotty grey gravel bed, to make three areas. This one, a lawn and grass garden in the middle, and an ‘oriental ‘ corner opposite, with acer, bamboo, lilies etc. One side has sleeper stepping stones, the other has fake rocks. Quite an effective smallish space before the huge and vertiginous slopes of the lawn!


  1. Fabulous! I love the colour on you. Trousers is something I really need to get into making… they just seem so complex! You make it look easy 🙂

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    1. This type is dead easy, it’s nice soft stretch denim, Style Arc works well for my lack of bum and hips, and I know I need extra length in the torso to fit my belly in. They’re pull on, fake fly front, and don’t take long at all [couple f hours or thereabouts]. Recommended, if you’re a similar shape!


  2. Success! You done good, Style Arc are right up there for fit and style, both of these look great on you. Flipping elastic is a pia, I think it’s more likely to happen when it’s a rigid and broader elastic, I’ve had good results from the softer knitted types. I’m terrible at fixing things after the fact and if this was me I’d just stitch through the elastic at strategic places, sometimes you can get away with that without compromising stretch.


    1. It’s not that the elastic is turning inside the casing, it’s my fat belly actually catapulting it down and out, so the whole waistband flaps to the outside. Annoying, and then my belly hangs out too. Not nice. That’s why I’d wanted to do the wider version, two rows of wide elastic might have enough grip to stay up! I’ll have a go this weekend, as I also need to re-level my glam red dress, as the hem drooped all over the place in the wash. Buggrit!


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