Something for the Weekend

13 thoughts on “Something for the Weekend”

  1. The second buckle- I love that one best. Can’t wait to see your Ziggi- it’s a pattern I have admired from afar for a long time now but the amount of pdf pages to tape put me off.


    1. I love the 2nd one’s shape best, but it’s not as black as the buttons, whereas the rhombus is. I think I’ll save #2 for something else, where it works even better. I thought about painting it, but it has those shaded lines on it which would be hidden.

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    1. The hemline is outrageous! I’d noticed it was a tiny bit uneven when I took the first pics of me wearing it, but I;m no perfectionist, so chose to ignore it…and now this! It’s crazy, the fabric is very lightweight, and not bias cut, just very slightly A line panels. Most odd.


  2. I vote for the first buckle (but without the white bit) 🙂 That is one crazy hem you’ve got going on there! Maybe just call it a design feature? Sort of like a handkerchief hem??

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  3. Shame that jersey is so ill mannered. Mine is still awaiting inspiration but my sewing mojo has been trampled by the need to garden whilst the weather is good. I hope you achieved all you hoped.


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