Fringe benefits [green parasol #4, finale!]

And it seems to be holding well [yes, probable kiss of death right there] The stitching holds the cover at  great tension, but there’s no sign of the rubber tearing. So far so good!  Each rib then got attached to the seams in three more places, which stops them from twisting, and then I gathered the … Continue reading Fringe benefits [green parasol #4, finale!]

CoBloWriMo-August 2017

Anyone remember me participating in CoBloWriMo a while back?  [Costume Blog Writing Month, a set of prompts to help focus your blog writing.  Here’s the FaceBook link] It started well, but unfortunately fizzled out as the admin had to take time out.  It’s been resurrected this year, and August is The Chosen Month.  This time, … Continue reading CoBloWriMo-August 2017

“The Time Has Come”…

…the Fairy said, “to talk of many things, Of miles of cloth, and pattern stacks, Of hats and corset strings.” Yes folks, the marking is all done, several thousand A level papers have been perused, groaned over, and assessed.  Standards have been seen to fall a little further, and the inability of A level maths … Continue reading “The Time Has Come”…

Menagerie á trois

Three out of five A level units marked, money arriving in the bank…well what do you expect me to do?  IN my marking breaks, I’ve been doing some retail therapy, and some parcels arrived this morning.  I thought I’d let you know I’m not dead, and show you the goodies.  And the garden.  Just so … Continue reading Menagerie á trois