Menagerie á trois

19 thoughts on “Menagerie á trois”

  1. All my external marking done!!! Wohoo! Well and truly on vacation now. Only a week for you and you too can wake up and think “What will I do today?”
    I’m thinking about gardening instead of sewing. What’s wrong with me???
    Though I really love that Vogue dress………….

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    1. Lions and tigers and bears AND Vogue. What’s not to love? And then the not-enough-fabric fishy stuff. Hmmm. Maybe one of those pieced McCalls tops? or sleeves on something plain [keeping with the Japanese/tattoo-ish theme?] Watch this space lol And how do you finish so soon? I’ve already marked about 2000, more to go…


  2. All those fabrics are AMAZING. Especially that elephant one!! And I’m totally in love with the Alice in wonderland panels. I keep milling over in my mind what I can make with ‘we’re all mad here’ and a big Cheshire Cat grin on it… looking forward to seeing your finished items!

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    1. There are loads on eBay, very tempting. Supposed to be cushion covers but who bothers with home dec when there are CLOTHES to sew? A nice big bag for steampunking though, with a parasol pocket…


  3. Garden looking lovely!! When you are free we’ll have to arrange a date to meet up – I can come to you to pet your pretties ( and I don’t mean Dawn!!) or you could come to me for a dawdle by the river. Either way it would be good to see you.

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  4. Three great prints: I read your post this morning without pictures and imagined three entirely different fabrics. Now nicely surprised. Love your garden too! Passion flower is one of my favourite plants (that same variety)

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    1. The missus loves passion flowers- unfortunately we’ve lost several in our various [unwanted] house moves. I keep buying her more though. This is growing [along with roses, honeysuckle, jasmine and clematis all over our patio, on wires. Very pretty!


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